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Art is enduring. Art is provocative. At its height art is a journey, an exploration of human creativity, offering glimpses into ones inner most world, moments forever frozen in time along the way. Our goal is to provide to the intrepid artist the tools, materials and goods for the trip.

Revolutionizing industry standards, E'TAC LLC combines our experience with state-of-the-art methods and equipment to manufacture an ever-expanding range of products, serving the textile, graphic art, nail art, taxidermy, rc modelers, crafters, and automotive industries along with numerous others.

The quality of our products is matched by our dedication to the artist. Our shipping is some of the best out there with quick, efficient and timely orders making it from our hands to yours in record time.

Our success comes from giving our customers the best value for their dollar, putting quality first and conducting business with the highest ethical standards. Focusing on these goals, E'TAC LLC's continued growth will be based on expanding what we do best--- staying with our core business and producing quality, environmentally conscious and artist friendly products that best serve our customers' needs.

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