Private Stock Series Premium

Private Stock is precision manufactured for accurate and repeatable mixing of an infinite color spectrum or simply use as is, straight from the bottle. This top quality color system also includes a comprehensive range of revolutionary modifiers that allow you to change the properties of the paints across our lines and create a variety of special effects and finishes. Private Stock is easily adapted to your individual styles and techniques giving you full capacity and power to manage color, your way. Finally, a highly adjustable color system with fine line atomization control for the discerning artist.

Private Stock is available in....and still growing

*Transparent – Vibrant high strength transparent for spectacular blends and over-lays or singular color use.

*Fluorescent – Glowing hot, vibrant neon's under black light conditions. Vivid color response for day-light conditions where bright intense color is desired.

*Semi-Opaque – Robust color for dynamic values for background quick fills and exotic color creations where semi-opaque are used. Get creative with our semi-opaque line. Its as easy as 1,2,3.

*Opaque – A solid high refractive opaque color line that responds with action. Specifically produced for reduction in color shift where a solid value hue remains opaque upon drying, producing exceptional blocking of light transmittance.

*Micro-Magic Pearl TM - A beautiful range of pearlized colors with a High Solids base for your own creations or use as a stand alone. This line consists of carefully picked pigment for both light-fastness for HUE with light inert oxide coated Fx pigment for effect.

*Macro-Magic Flake TM – A small to large particle, light-fast oxide coated flake with premium performance value. This is a high solids color line for the most demanding of jobs where critical reflectiveness matters the most. Macro-Magic Flake by E'TAC can put the sparkle in any job. Visit our web shopping Center for color lists and ordering.

*Gold-Fusion Colors TM – A line of golden blends of our light-fast colors where fusion flash under lighting conditions exhibit both the HUE value and the FX value of Gold. Visit our web shopping center for color list and ordering information.

*Smoke-Fusion Colors TM – No dyes, pre-diluted, read to use pigment line formulated for very clear and refined color so layering and 'Candy-Like' effects or Smoke color are used where clean precision transparencies are a must. Smoking hot selection.

Private Stock's color-fusion takes the guess work out for those who want ready to take special effects to another level for most any job. Private Stock's Smoke-Fusion colors are 'Candy Like' in their behavior and are produced using the highest light-fast potentials utilizing pigments that are non-toxic where infinite transparency to high hiding opacity can be achieved with a myriad of special effects possible and is easy to use. See to purchase of for more information check out of FAQ's Color Corral.

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