Private Stock and Edwards FX Series E'daptables

Our modification-E'daptive products allow the user to control and manipulate our products while adapting between countless other products and the many techniques and styles artists may choose , a multi-line color system where synergy between each of our products is offered for your unlimited potential. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Discerning artists know the difference the minute they try our products. See for more details... Here's how they work.

Extend-Air is the base for Private Stock with additional acrylic and has a light creamy consistency. This is to allow for user dilution with bottled water or Pol'E TAC for those who wish to use low PSI or thinner artist color. A simple 50/50 mixture with Reduce-Air is a modification you might choose when working on hard surfaces where reduced tack is desired and a smooth velvety finish. The combinations are endless. Textiles must have a elasticity based polymer and where polymers are concerned, the elastomeric action is too numerous to count which is defined or measured by tensiles in glass or Tg's technically speaking. When you can control the softness or hardness difference of an acrylic polymer you are totally in charge. In solvent systems the same can be said for their type additives which provides user controls based on typical temperatures or conditions of the work place. A degree of change can make the difference between working on a surface that is solid, one that bends or one that is washable and must remain pliable and flexible. Its clear why discerning artists would choose E'TAC products.

Pol'E TAC is a water-thin milky solution that has a harder acrylic type with specialized modifiers already built in which can be mixed or further reduced with bottled water to produce a low tact film much like a fixative or used straight from the bottle as a foundation for layering color builds on textiles in un-diluted form. Obviously on solid or hard surfaces you do not need to lay down a thin film barrier coat to close knit or thread count as on some textiles but the benefits are multi-fold when moving to a solid surface where reduced viscosity is necessary such as very low psi or layering applications. Water conditions change from City to City, Country to Country. Artists need consistency and this products provides just that in a very robust way while bring in lubricity, a higher tensile strength polymer in a low viscosity solution.

Condition-Air is a clear green liquid that contains emollients, humectants and specialized wetting agents. This product is defined by the users needs instead of being another bottle filler product. The adjustable design of this product is to reduce the drying time, helps adjust for colder climates or in dry low humidity climatic conditions, to reduce drag and fish-eye and to achieve very fine line detail on various surfaces where every stroke and every line counts. You control how you paint but the conditions of your surroundings vary day to day, we now hand over the control to you with Condition-Air.

Reduce-Air is the base for Edwards FX Series which is a water resoluble product that is very simular to gouache (pronounced gwa'sh) or a premium tube like water color where erasability and strong light-fastness and solvent resistance is a must. This product is very ink like (pigmented ink) in its actions and has been compared over and over to feeling like a solvent urethane, yet it is a complete water-based nano-technology product at its best. Photo-realist love Edwards FX series color line for infinite hue control, while automotive artists use it in conjunction with Extend-Air to adjust Private Stock to gain the advantage of both lines. Topped off with Condition-Air and you can control the paint when you can't control your climate or inherent working conditions.

Jel'E Thickener is for those who want to pin-stripe of use sable brushes or fine line brushes for x-tra tight detailing. This product thickens up all of our products and is as always, user defined by how thick or thin you prefer your media to be. This product works great with our Semi-Opaques and Opaque colors and also may be easily used with our transparent and special effects colors to render most any FX one might choose in their work.

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