Edwards FX Series

Edwards FX Series Efx Series colors provide a wide ranging advantage to artists seeking a re-soluble solution for special effects, erase-back and re-wetting properties such as that used in photo-realistic rendering. All pigment in this series exhibit the highest potential for Light Fast Values per color without introducing heavy metals or known toxins that could be harmful to you or our environment and conforms to ASTM D 4236 non-toxic standards. This line of premium color is defined by the user through mixtures or as a stand alone colorant with up to1million color potentials possible using this line of color. Superior atomization and user control for the discerning artist.

EFX Transparents – The Edwards FX Series exhibit a clean vibrant transparent to translucent glaze when reduced with Reduce-Air or as a stand alone high solids colorant where consistent, vibrant HUE values must be achieved. These are HS (high solids) additions using nano-technology performance design where superior results are based specifically on the pigment index type and code instead of grouping all pigment into one category. Pigments are defined by their very own industrial standards and utilize codes and indexes to clarify one type from another. The grinds and effectiveness are pertinent where micron use is concerned and its erasable, blend-able properties are vital to mastering the most demanding jobs.

EFX Opaque Plasma White – White is truly unique and often misunderstood. We understand TiO2 here at E'TAC Color Systems and have achieved one of the best, if not the best opaque whites ever. Plasma white is used for buffering/tinting this line reducing blue shift phenomenon as well. An easy to use high end tube like artist color in a smooth flowing, liquefied state that is ready to go. You'll feel the difference the moment you use it. See our Tint, Tone and Shade color charts for a speedy get-started guide into the wonderful World of owning your colors where your always in the drivers seat and in charge. Another reason why discerning artists choose E'TAC. See www.USAirbrush.com to purchase of for more information check out of FAQ's Color Corral.

Never fear EFx is here....

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